May 25, 2023

South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement

The South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement, also known as SPARTECA, is an economic cooperation agreement between Pacific Island countries and Australia and New Zealand. It aims to promote regional trade and development, as well as enhance economic cooperation among its signatories.

SPARTECA, established in 1980, provides duty-free and quota-free access to the Australian and New Zealand markets for products originating from Pacific Island countries. This preferential treatment has been instrumental in boosting exports from the region, particularly in the agriculture and fisheries sectors.

The agreement is governed by Article 5 Agreement on Agriculture, which outlines the terms and conditions for agricultural trade between the parties. This article ensures fair and equitable treatment for agricultural products, promotes sustainable agricultural practices, and facilitates market access for Pacific Island countries.

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The South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement has undoubtedly been instrumental in fostering economic cooperation and trade among its signatory countries. With its preferential treatment, support for agriculture, and focus on sustainable development, SPARTECA continues to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the South Pacific region.