One of life’s happiest time, the wedding is also accompanied by a wide range of celebrations and customs The wedding day is jam-packed with activities and traditions, particularly in the Balkans location, that continue to this day.

Many of these rituals were once linked to prejudices that guard against monsters and evil spirits that could cause misfortune to a happy few. The bride and groom were shielded from these mystical powers throughout the entire wedding service by numerous aspects.

For instance, the bride’s mother used to generate soybean bread and then anoint her daughter-in-law with honey the following evening to wish them joy slovenian brides, love, and a long marriage. Another custom was to give the bride a rosemary flower to ward off bad karma.

The hair and knotting liturgy, or” Kolaanja,” is another tradition from Kosovo. Female alone carry out this significant tradition, which is accompanied by specially crafted sounds. The groom is then shaved. The bride-to-be receives the similar treatment. This is unquestionably a crucial component of wedding planning.

The most common bride custom in the area is definitely licking honies from the couple’s mother-in-law. There are numerous additional wedding rituals in this area. This is thought to ensure the woman’s financial security and success.